Once you experience the difference, you may never use anything else!

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In the spring of 2020, I developed a small sore that would not heal.
I had it biopsied and was told that the wound probably would never heal up.
I began putting Emu oil on the surgical site twice a day and within several weeks it was completely healed.

The diagnosis was “squamous cell” skin cancer with surrounding
precancer area. I had it excised and it is now healing well. I am using
Emu oil to speed the recovery. I have used it on my face 2 times per day for over ten years. Emu oil is truly a healer!

Marlayna Wagner

I was amazed to see an age spot fading in just a week after using Emu Essentials Oil. A scratch and burn healed in days instead of a week or more. I am hooked! What a simple and natural way to improve my skin. Thank you Patsy. 



Ever since I was a little girl and I had a cut or a scrape, I would hear my Aunt and Mom say “Put some emu oil on it!”. It was ingrained in me that emu oil was the cure-all.  My Aunt and Mom had the secret the whole time. The true testament was having two babies and no stretch marks anywhere. That’s right, two full-term pregnancies, 30 pounds, and skin that was stretched to the max. Emu oil in the morning and night was the trick. I continue to use emu oil for everything and I get compliments on my skin consistently … I swear, by emu oil as the secret to healthy skin.

Heather Keith

After making a dozen calls to various vitamin stores here in Central California, I didn’t have any luck in finding the pure Emu Oil I wanted. Patsy solved this problem for me. 

I’ve been using Emu Oil for many years now because of its certified healing power.

Thanks again for a job well done.


James Price

Senior Master Sergeant USAF, Retired